OE Cake and Original Artwork

Recently I came across this program called OE Cake which absolutely blew my mind. It is basically a fluids (and solids) playground where you draw your material, edit the gravity, etc., and then watch it all interact with each other. When playing with something like this is just furthers my feeling that Flash can’t handle the type of stuff I want to be doing. I guess I am just a sucker for particle effects.

So there is a hypothetical; Would it still be considered original artwork if you were to a take a program like OE Cake, and create a series of art from it? I suppose it would be the same as creating art from Flash. Everyone is using the same program, but the outcome is what defines one artist from the next.

I highly suggest checking out OE Cake. You can download it from here (mac and pc). It even has motion sensing for the people with Macbooks so you can splash the liquids around.

Edit: The app appears to be offline now.

Here is some OE Cake footage: