Morse DeCode with the Arduino Board and Flash

Having a week off from work will do weird things to a person. I assumed I was going to sit around being as bored as I could possibly make myself, but I found it actually had the opposite effect. I ended up starting up a bunch of random projects, and I think the most interesting ones that came out of it was my flash Morse DeCode projects.

In my pursuit for taking code outside of the computer, I bought an Arduino board to start playing around with circuit boards. Once I got one LED light blinking I started thinking about what you could do with one flashing light. The first thing that came to mind was morse code.

This video I threw together explains the rest of the Morse DeCode project.

My future plans include optimizing it to read at a faster rate, inserting spaces between words, and eventually turning it into something that could theoretically be used by certain disabled people to communicate. I am sure there is a lot of other technology out there that is more advanced, but there is something special about the idea that anyone in their home can create the technology to help others communicate.

Update (Jan 4, 2010):

As Anne Frank says “no one ever became poor by giving”. So on that note, here is the source, as is.

Morse DeCode Source

In case you are wondering, I had no idea that quote existed. I had to look it up. My brain is not full of Anne Frank quotes. In case you wondered 😉