Painting With Code – Just a Taste

I wanted to post some of my progress before it evolves even further. I feel like I have made some major breakthroughs in my ultimate goal of making art from code. Not a new concept at all, but Picasso wasn’t the only painter.

Here is a test I ran today. The image this is based off is just something I grabbed off flickr, was just for testing, and won’t be used for any final prints (credit: Lars Stephan).

To summarize how this was done; I use a source image (such as the one from flickr), and wrote code to add “brushes” to the stage. Each brush randomly moves around the “canvas”, picks up the colors of the pixel from the source image, and paints a series of shapes to the stage and each shape jitters around and scales to help add some randomness.

I have already evolved the script past this point, but more to come later.