SCAD…Err…Student Story Minor Update


I recently took a fresh look into my site Student Story, and realized things could be done a lot better on the coding side. It is a PHP based site, and when I first built it PHP wasn’t even on my radar of languages. I was pretty happy I was even able to make a full site using it at the time.

Now looking back on it with a good number of years coding in other languages, I am able to comprehend the code SOOO much easier. It actually reads like english to me now. I equate it to how people really know a lanauge once they can dream init. For me, once I can read it in my head like a sentence, rather than syntax, I feel confident int he language.

So I went back in and cleaned up some of the back-end that talked with my database and so forth. Basically cleaned up some security issues that were allowing bots to insert spam, and inject annoying malware into some of my other files.

Should all be fixed now. Look for a MAJOR update coming sometime soon as long as I can keep up the motivation.