Tip: Keeping Your Place In Code

As my document class files get larger and larger I tend to have a hard time keeping my place. Especially when I need to jump back and forth between a couple spots. So one trick I just naturally started to evolve was to add my own “bookmarks” into my code.

For example if I am working on a function called “showMessage” and I want to jump between the function and where it is being called I might do this:


// blah blah blah other code
// 1000 lines later

private function newMessage():void { }

This way I can just search for the # and keep jumping back and forth. If you were really ambitious you could derive a whole system from symbols

# = links

! = currently working on

% = work on later

Not perfect since a lot of symbols will be used by operators, but it felt like a good LifeHacker type of tip. I supposed you could always search for //! to avoid the operators.