Visual Advance – It’s Alive!

It took me along enough, a lot of broken promises, and a LOT of design revisions, but I have finally gone live with the new version of Visual Advance. I am almost embarrassed to see all the old versions that never made the light of day, but I am happy with what I landed on.

A couple of my biggest goals for this version was to have it on a CMS system for easy updates, and to integrate the portfolio and blog into one site. WordPress helped me to succeed in both goals. I have some additional things on my wish list that I will get to at a later date.

Some may ask why I choose to not take the Flash route with this version. The short answer; time. The option is not off the table yet, but I had to build the WordPress version to achieve my two main goals, and I wanted to get that live while I figure out my goals for an interactive version. It has crossed my mind to do something similar to Digg Labs where the interactive version is a seperate site that allows you to consume the same information in much more interesting ways.

I want to take a moment to remember the portfolio and blog that kept me satisfied for two years (that is a VERY long time for me). Here are a few screenshots in remembrance.