Love is in the Air®

I recently convinced myself that getting a Macbook Air was indeed justified. Yes of course it is partly the glamour of a shiny new device, and why deny it, but it had been on my mind for a while for a number of reasons. One of which being my recent switch in mindset to stop trying to make every product be everything, and let them each do what they do best. In other words, if a laptop is meant to be portable, get a really portable laptop. I find it amazing what a difference in 1.5 pounds can make in your decision of “do I take it with me or not”.

I had actually almost talked myself out of getting one thinking “oh my Macbook Pro MUST be faster”, until I read a couple articles and started comparing the stats of my Macbook Pro 7,1 to the newest Macbook Air 4,2 stats. Of course stats can show you many different types of things and there is no doubt that the newer Macbook Pros allow you to upgrade far beyond the power of the Air’s. Either way, this was just enough for me to take the plunge.

Of course most designers favorite thing to do with a new shiny device is to accessorize. I added a SGP Wrist Rest, and then created my own Daft Punk Gelaskin design which I could not be happier with.