Map the Meal Gap Interview

I recently finished the latest update to the Feeding America: Map the Meal Gap interactive map. It is a nice break to do work on a project that you know actually makes a change in peoples lives. Makes you realize how trivial it is to complain about timelines or requests when at the end of the day, if the project doesn’t get done, some people may not get funding for food.

In this latest iteration of the map I was tasked with integrating “child food insecurity” into the map. This allowed people to switch between seeing overall food insecurity, to just seeing how many children were food insecure. Once I plugged in the new data it was interesting to see how dark the map got (far more food insecure). I had to ask our project manager if the data was correct, or if I had hooked up the wrong data to it.

There is an interesting writeup about the project on the Manifest Digital Blog. Read about it here:
Interactive Map Helps Users Imagine Solutions to Hunger

Or check out the actual map here:
Feeding America – Map the Meal Gap