So Long Manifest, and Thanks For All the Fish

As I move onto a new chapter of my life, I feel it only fitting to share my closing to the previous chapter. In dedication to my time at Manifest, I present my obligatory “goodbye email”:


It is true, today begins the first day of my temporary retirement. For anyone who has not heard the story, and is still curious; I will be taking some time off to focus on some personal projects, get insanely bored, and then eventually start mingling back in the industry looking for some exciting and rewarding work to help on.

Manifest gave me the skills I needed to be able to leave Manifest, to be able to leave all agencies for that matter, and I couldn’t be more grateful.

The past (almost) 3 years at Manifest have been some of the least predictable, most rewarding years I have had at a job. I have seen the ebs and flows run through the company, at times taking great talent and close friends with it. Despite the lower points Manifest has always had this underlying energy and purpose that just seemed undeniable, unavoidable, and extremely rare. It isn’t often that you can find a collective of employees and leadership whose general goal seems to be purpose over prosperity.

So here is to hoping we all cross paths again. Well everyone except Casey Roberts. I never want to work with that guy again.

Feel free to keep in touch even if you think you are that person I ‘might not remember’. You can always find my latest contact info on my internet websites homepage:

I will leave you with a comic strip that most likely sums up my future:
Cyanide and Happiness, a daily webcomic